Blue Amber

My earliest memory is of me in 2001, dancing to Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” as it played on my family’s living room television. I wrapped my grandma’s scarf around my waist and emulated the hip gyrations as best a 4-year-old can. I like to say this was my drag debut. I, of course, didn’t have the verbiage then or the knowledge of what drag was to call my performance that. But performing is something that has been a constant in my life ever since.

I taught myself how to write plays and screenplays at the age of 12. I acted in every school theatre production in middle and high school. I joined a dance troupe that performed choreography from all over the world in college. And even when we have all been stuck at home because of the COVID-pandemic, I have not stopped dressing up every day.

In the midst of the pandemic, I took the time to get back to many these interests and realized that they coalesce beautifully in drag. The seed I planted long ago has fully blossomed. I call her Blue Amber.

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