POC, Queers, and Women Take Center Stage in the Trump Era (2019 Oscars Analysis)

The 2019 Oscars "Best Picture" race is stacked, top to bottom, with nominees that offer nuanced and timely stories about experiences that are rarely represented in the top category. From gender to race to sexual orientation, there was much to unpack in this year's roster. I also argue we are in a film Golden Age that is directly responding to the Trump administration's attacks on already targeted communities. Art has always paved a way for political action and discourse - film included. But before Trump, films with a message largely went under the radar, because the Obama administration offered a guise that everything was alright. Since America has awoken to the fact that things are very much not alright, major production companies have responded with films made to be accessible blockbusters, but also made to be political.

Album Review: thank u, next

If you are looking for an album that captures just about every emotion and feeling you can experience when falling in and out of love - or even just when navigating life - this is a good one. It is deep, while still being accessible.

The 2019 Grammys Predictions

The Grammys are in decline. First, in the streaming age, TV shows don't get the viewership they did 15 years ago. You don't need to watch a 3-hour telecast to find out who wins - Twitter will brief you. Second, the Grammys have long been criticized for being out of touch with the public. Grammy... Continue Reading →

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