Sample One | Digital Audit, NHTSA (for Stratacomm)

Sample Two | Business Launch, Open Door Family Medical Centers

Open Door Family Medical Centers, a health center serving the undocumented and uninsured, provoked a NIMBY reaction after developing a new facility too close to a middle class neighborhood.

In response, I developed a grassroots campaign to build support by:

  • Canvassing the town for petitions signatures of which more than 800 were collected.
  • Hosting a Q&A with the company CEO at the home of a neighborhood resident.
  • Inviting neighborhood residents to the facility for hors d’oeuvres and a site tour.
  • Encouraging supporters to attend the town Planning and Zoning Board Meetings.
  • Publishing an op-ed on the town’s Patch news board.

The campaign garnered local press and the following was said of my work:

Fifteen-year-old Jeffrey Guzman, a patient and a volunteer at the center, felt strongly enough about the place that he asked CEO Lindsay Farrell if he could write about their struggle. She gave him the go-ahead and he posted a Patch opinion piece so much beyond his years that some thought it must have come from their lawyer. Now, this media savvy teen, has taken his campaign to Facebook, creating a page in support of the move.

Sleepy Hollow Patch: “Open Door Takes Moving Campaign to Facebook”

Sample Three | Business Rebrand, American University PRIDE

Prior to my year as Executive Director of American University PRIDE, many LGBTQ+ students of color had expressed disinterest in joining due to perceptions that the organization was too racially homogenous. In my year of leadership, I worked on making the space more inclusive and welcoming. I brought on the first all-Black and Brown board, collaborated on events with other cultural organizations on campus, and published revised organization values across our online platforms.

Sample Four | Market Research, Open Door Family Medical Centers

Open Door Family Medical Centers is a network of community health centers serving more than 60,000 in the New York metro area. I designed a market research project with four key objectives:

  • Learning what were operational/service delivery strengths and weaknesses
  • Auditing the brand’s social media practices
  • Testing the feasibility of opening a new facility location
  • Gaining insight into the needs and expectations of a growing client demographic

I collected more than 4,000 survey responses and conducted 9 focus groups to gather data. After thorough analysis, I provided recommendations for improvement. An excerpt detailing the study design is included below.

Sample Five| Social Research, DC Metro Impact (for American University)

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