About Jeffrey

Hi there! I’m Jeffrey Andrés Guzmán – welcome to my site. A true East Coast city boy, I am originally from New York, but study at American University in Washington, D.C. I am a Public Relations & Strategic Communications major and Sociology minor, currently in my senior year. I paired those two programs together because I believe in storytelling for change. Our cultural differences are used to divide us, but exploring them generates better unity and understanding. I am also a big media/pop culture junkie, but am often disappointed with the lack of depth and detail mainstream media gives to diverse stories. My mission is to use my communications and digital skills to bring underrepresented ideas and narratives (with the complexities we deserve) to a wider audience.

I am myself: Afro-Dominican Latino, a first-generation American and college student, and proudly gay and gender non-conforming. These identities inform my daily interactions with people and will be important themes throughout my work and writing. On my blog, you can find my work divided into four pages: Politics & Identity, for in-depth analysis of political news and social identity; Pop Culture, for reviews of film, music, television, and other media; (Self) Care, for helpful habits and tips I use in navigating life; and Travel, for all my adventures across the globe.

Besides synthesizing and writing, I love biking, dancing (I’m a certified Zumba instructor), and shopping!

Hope my writing helps you learn something new or helps you understand yourself in a new way. For feedback and contributions, email me at guzman.jeffreya@gmail.com. 

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