Momentos • Brazil’s Europe: Curitiba & Morretes

See what Curitiba and Morretes have to offer in my virtual tour!

Local bus stations in Curitiba are characterized by these inventive and futuristic tubes. They protect passengers from the elements as they await their bus.

Some of the local artwork that most caught my attention.

Tiradentes Palace: see the city’s first church

Railway Museum: see replicas of local trains from over a century ago


Paiol Theatre: see shows at a gun arsenal that was converted into a theatre


Botanical Gardens: see flora from the entire country in gardens modeled after French gardens

Federal University: see the country’s first federal university


Liberty Palace: see the city’s first city hall

Arab Memorial: see a library dedicated to Arab & Islamic culture


Oscar Neimeyer Museum: see a contemporary museum constructed by the Brasilia’s planner

Pope’s Woods: see a memorial dedicated to Pope John Paul II during his visit to Brazil

German Woods: see a memorial dedicated to the city’s German community


Wire Opera House:  see an opera house constructed entirely of metal tubes and glass

Tangua Park: see fountains, a lake, and waterfalls at this serene overlook park

Ukranian Memorial: see a replica of a Ukranian church, built in honor of the city’s Ukranian community


Italian Door: drive into Santa Felicidade, the city’s Italian neighborhood, replete with delicious food


Panoramic Tower: see the entire city metropolis from this 110-meter tower

Serra Verde Express: see the valley and mountains of the Atlantic Rainforest on this 4 hours train ride

Morretes: eat like a local in this small rural town

See my full traveler’s guide for pricing and travel information.

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