Momentos • Marvelous City: Rio de Janeiro

See what Rio has to offer, in my virtual tour!

Beaches: tan on one the world’s most talked about beaches

Christ the Redeemer: bless up at one of the Seven Wonder of the World

Lage Park: get trashed inside an old mansion

Escaderia Selaron: get the best Instagram pic of your life

Santa Teresa Tram: bounce about the city on a trolley

Macarena: breathe the same air as Olympians and World Cup players

National Cathedral: set foot in Brazil’s largest cathedral

Royal Portuguese Reading Room: read a book inside one of the most beautiful libraries in the world

Downtown: decide whether you think Brazil’s modern buildings are ugly or futuristic

Botanical Gardens: see flora from all over the county – including the Amazon

Time Machine: see the sites in black & white

See my full traveler’s guide for pricing and travel information.

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